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Are you ready to create a healthy life style that will shape your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT? Are you ready to be INSPIRED?! Tran's Fitness and Kickboxing Center is an Extraordinary place with Extraordinary members. Our MISSION is to bring you a unique menu of result oriented fitness classes for all ages and fitness levels. Our GOAL is to help you achieve the ultimate positive change in your BODY, HEALTH, and SPIRIT. Our instructors and trainers are knowledgeable, positive and energetic. We will inspire and motivate you to succeed in ways you couldn't succeed on your own. We hope you see you in one of our classes.

The Best 1 Hour Workout In Denver!

Muscular Development – using the latest exercise physiology, our classes target every muscle, helping you develop greater strength and muscular definition.

Cardio Conditioning – through intense cardiovascular conditioning, you'll expand the capacity of your heart and lungs while burning calories. The result; increased stamina to keep you energized all day.

Flexibility – in order to protect you from injury, as well as enhance your range of motion, we‘ve incorporated stretching exercises to keep you feeling young and agile.

Muscular Development + Cardio Conditioning + Flexibility = Total Fitness.

Award Winning Children Martial Arts Programs!